Alternative Insurance Directly Challenges Obamacare Coverage

Obamacare by from The Self-Pay Patient, January 21, 2014

I’ve written several times previously about how there are several alternatives to conventional health insurance that can provide protection against catastrophic medical expenses. These include health care sharing ministries, short-term health insurance, critical illness insurance, and fixed-benefit insurance.  For people who can’t afford conventional health insurance or who want to opt out of Obamacare and what I call bureaucratic medicine, these can be excellent alternatives.

One of the interesting things I’ve begun to see is a growing number of companies that are beginning to market alternative insurance products directly to people as an alternative to Obamacare or conventional health insurance. They have to be careful of course and include all of the legally required disclaimers (appropriately so, I think) that these policies are not health insurance and do not meet Obamacare’s definition of a qualified health plan (meaning someone who uses one of these policies in the place of conventional health insurance is still subject to the tax on being uninsured).

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