Obamacare’s Ongoing Dysfunction

Obamacare by from National Review, May 23, 2014

The White House and a compliant media have worked overtime to convince the public that Obamacare’s first year should now be seen as a success. But a balanced examination of what has actually happened over the past eight months points in a very different direction—to an epic failure in implementation that is still ongoing, masked in part by on-the-fly workarounds that will eventually cost taxpayers billions of dollars.

The White House likes to say that HealthCare.gov was “fixed” by December 2013, after the botched rollout in October and November, and that, in the months that have followed the supposed fix, everything has gone relatively smoothly and according to plan. Officials have repeatedly pointed to the apparent enrollment of more than 8 million people in insurance plans offered on the federal and state exchanges as evidence that the law in general, and the websites in particular, are now working just as promised.

But is that true?

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