Is Criminal Sentencing Reform a Trojan Horse?

Social Fabric by from Conservative Review, September 1, 2015

The New York Times reports today that 30 major cities have suffered sharp spikes in violent crime this year.  Why do you think Milwaukee, St. Louis, and Baltimore top the list?  Those are the cities where law enforcement officers are more scared to do their jobs than anywhere else.  Basic police work is now being confronted by angry, violent mobs of anarchists – the biggest menace to liberty and a free society.  Aside from the targeting killings of cops, many law enforcement officers are waiting until they are beaten within an inch of their lives to even defend themselves.

Conservatives have always been sticklers for law and order – not as an exception to their general pursuit of liberty but as the consummate vehicle of preserving liberty on behalf of the civil society.  As part of the foundation of the social contract, our society formed a government to perform a few duties very robustly in order to protect such fundamental rights as bodily integrity, freedom of movement without being harassed, and preservation of private property.  Local governments are tasked with protecting these rights against domestic criminals and the federal government is responsible for protecting them against national security threats.

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