The Myth of Federal Non-Violent Drug Offenses

Rule of Law by from Conservative Review, September 3, 2015

During FY 2014, only 13 individuals were charged with federal offenses for simple drug possession outside of the southwest border districts, according to data from the U.S. Sentencing Commission.  Are we prepared to undo our criminal justice system and revert to a “get out of jail free” mentality in order to set a number of illegal aliens free?

The latest urgent policy pursuit of the ‘smart’ people in Washington is “criminal justice reform.”  In case you were wondering, the “reform” ideas are not aimed at addressing the appalling spike in violent crime and the breakdown of law and order in so many large metropolitan areas.  It is aimed at empowering the increasingly radical bench of federal judges to gut strict sentencing and experiment with their social justice ideas at the expense of federal safety.

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