Real Healthcare Reform

A potentially favorable ruling in King v. Burwell shouldn’t be viewed by Republicans as an invitation to “fix” Obamacare; instead, it should be viewed as a chance to effectively repeal and replace Obamacare with a conservative alternative in 36 states.

Rule of Law

The claim that Congress should never force a battle over funding the government, that it must always give the president the funding he insists upon—even for unconstitutional purposes—amounts to a claim that Congress should hand off the power of the purse.

Real Healthcare Reform

Under a winning alternative, costs would drop, liberty would be secured, and any American who wants to buy health insurance would be able to do so.

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Don’t ‘Fix’ Obamacare

King v. Burwell provides Republicans with a time for choosing: they can prepare to negotiate “fixes” to Obamacare with the Obama administration, or they can lay out a plan that would effectively repeal and replace Obamacare in 36 states and lay the groundwork for full repeal in 2017.

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Judicial Restraint Is Right

Judicial activism—as opposed to judicial action that is clearly compelled by the Constitution or laws—involves judges substituting their own will for the rule of law, in violation of the separation of powers, the Constitution, and republicanism.


Why We’re Losing to Radical Islam

If the United States wants to win its fight against Islamic terrorism, Congress needs to take a more active role in identifying the enemy and its strongholds, backers, recruitment, and strategic thinking and doctrine—as a precursor to developing strategies for achieving victory.

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