Rule of Law

  • Fight, Don’t Sue

    The House of Representatives should be focused on defending its own turf using its own powers, not on encouraging government by judiciary—which would do further and more lasting damage to the separation of powers.

    The Weekly Standard, July 14, 2014
  • Will Congress Get Its Groove Back?

    Congress, having delegated far too much legislative authority to the executive, is now trying to delegate the responsibility of defending its constitutional powers to the judiciary.

    Library of Law and Liberty, June 27, 2014
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    Boehner Is Bringing a Whistle to a Gunfight

    The most powerful branch of government should not go running to the weakest branch when its powers are usurped by a lawless executive; rather, it should respect doctrines of standing, not try to transform the Court into a resolver of political controversies in the absence of proper cases, and use its own powers to defend its turf.

    National Review, June 28, 2014
  • The Obama Doctrine

    President Obama’s position is that the desire to push policies that are political losers justifies taking the law into one’s own hands.

    The Weekly Standard, July 2, 2014
  • A Defeat for Obama, Obamacare, and the All-Intrusive State

    The Supreme Court’s ruling in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby is a victory for the middle space between the individual and the state, but a fuller victory requires the repeal of Obamacare.

    The Weekly Standard, July 1, 2014