Digital 3D Illustration of the Planet Mars

Go to the Moon and Mars, Not to an Asteroid

The only scientist and last man to land on the moon argues that we shouldn’t allow China “to take over the exploration of the moon from the United States and the free world” and thus cede “America’s hard-won position as the world’s leading space-faring nation.”

Heartland Institute, January 7, 2012
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    Lost in Space

    From 1961 to 2011, the United States was able to send astronauts into space but can only do so now under foreign command—and it’s time to revive our manned-spaceflight program.

    Washington Examiner, July 13, 2015
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    One Giant Leap … Down

    In the wake of the Obama administration’s gutting of NASA’s budget and mission, the U.S. can no longer even pay Russia for a ride into space—leaving us to sit at home while others soar ahead.

    The Weekly Standard, May 19, 2014