Republicans and Canceled Health Plans

Real Healthcare Reform by from National Review, October 30, 2013

Republicans are rightly hitting the administration for promising that Obamacare would let people who like their health insurance keep it. The Democrats made that promise in the first place, of course, because most people who have insurance are satisfied with it—and fear what Washington policymakers’ monkeying with the system will replace it with.

Some Republican health-care plans would run up against this same obstacle, because they, too, disrupt existing health-insurance arrangements. Those plans generally take the tax break for employer-provided coverage and in some way extend it to insurance bought by individuals. The idea is that a level playing field between different methods of getting insurance—on your own or through your employer—would distort health markets less, make it easier for people to carry their policies from job to job, and allow a lot more people to get coverage than have it now.

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