Team Obama Struggles to Explain the 12% Gender Pay Gap at the White House

Main St. Agenda by from American Enterprise Institute, April 9, 2014

For about the last seven months starting last September, I’ve been blogging about the 12% gender pay gap at the White House illustrated above, see my original post here, see a December 2013 post here, a January 2014 post here, another January 2014 post here, a February 2014 post about February 20 being “Equal Pay Day” at the White House for 2014, and a March 2014 post here. Not much happened until this week, when the story percolated long enough I guess, that it finally got some media traction and now it’s everywhere: Drudge Report, CNN, Bloomberg TV, Washington Post, New York Times, CBS news, talk radio, etc. And the result is that Jay Carney and Team Obama are now frantically trying to explain their own 12% gender pay gap, just as Obama issued two executive orders today concerning fair pay for women employed by federal contractors.

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