How Well Is Obamacare Covering the Uninsured?

Obamacare by from Forbes, April 1, 2014

The enrollment period for Obamacare Exchange sign-ups has officially ended–unless, of course, you are one of many given a reprieve in the last furious round of unilateral (arguably illegal) administrative changes to the law (as fellow Forbes contributor Scott Gottlieb has pointed out, ObamaCare enrollment never truly closes). The LA Times, relying heavily on as-yet-unpublished RAND Corporation survey figures, has reported a grand total of 9.5 million formerly uninsured have gained coverage. How should we assess this figure? Is that a success, failure, or something in between? Here’s how to interpret that number or any other similar number you hear in the days, weeks or even months ahead.

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Photo credit: Images Money, via Flickr