There’s Nothing Neutral About Net Neutrality

Main St. Agenda by from Inside Sources, September 23, 2014

Despite what you may have heard, net neutrality is not about protecting consumers from rapacious Internet Service Providers (ISPs).  It would not make broadband more available in rural America, or lower prices for small businesses.  And it has nothing to do with protecting free speech or dissenting voices.  Net neutrality is crony capitalism pure and simple – an effort by one group of private interests to enrich itself at the expense of another group by using the power of the state.

For all the arcane talk about “Title II” and “common carriage,” this is not complicated.  The rules favored by net neutrality advocates would ban or restrict payments from one type of business – “edge providers” – to another type of business – broadband ISPs – while placing no limits on what ISPs charge consumers.  It is easy to see why edge providers like Netflix would lobby for such rules, but difficult to understand how they would benefit consumers or serve the public interest.

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