The Future of Teen Drug Use?

Social Fabric by from Hudson Institute, December 17, 2014

As President Obama lawlessly refuses to enforce federal drug laws, brain damage from high-potency marijuana is fast becoming the largest health risk to American youth.

Here is a challenge for President Obama’s recently confirmed Surgeon General, Dr. Vivek Murthy—will he confront what is becoming the largest immediate health risk to American youth: brain damage resulting from increased use of high-potency marijuana, which follows prominent drug legalization efforts in states and communities nationwide?

Murthy acquired some political notoriety by casting guns as a public health issue, but when it comes to marijuana, he has been, at best, reticent. Asked during Senate confirmation hearings about marijuana legalization, Murthy said more research needs to be done about the drug’s impact before conclusions are drawn. But all available evidence points in one, disturbing direction: frequent and early-onset marijuana use does major damage to IQ, memory, learning, and emotion.

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