Can Dr. Price Cure GOP Cowardice?

Obamacare by from American Spectator, May 18, 2015

The Supreme Court is probably about to hand congressional Republicans a once-in-a-lifetime chance to eradicate the Obamacare contagion from the body politic, but the GOP has been typically timorous concerning whether to take advantage of this opportunity. A refreshing exception to this poltroonery has been Tom Price, chairman of the House Budget Committee. Price, who practiced medicine in Atlanta for twenty years before coming to Congress, has not only introduced an eminently viable replacement for the imploding health care “reform” law, but has also said he won’t support proposed legislation that would temporarily extend Obamacare subsidies that SCOTUS deems illegal.

The subsidies in question are those which have been challenged in King v. Burwell, upon which the Court is expected to rule in late June. The Democrats and their allies in the establishment media have waged a vigorous propaganda campaign designed to convince Republicans that a ruling in favor of the plaintiffs, which would halt Obamacare subsidies in 37 states, will put them in dire political jeopardy. Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, for example, predicts that Republicans will “rue the day” the Court invalidates the tax subsidies. Outlets like Politico have produced innumerable stories with portentous headlines such as “Supreme Court Obamacare case poses political peril for GOP.

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