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SOTU 2014

Let’s Redistribute Power, Not Income

President Obama’s agenda promotes inequality between the well-connected and the common man, as it strips power from the citizenry in favor of Big Government and special-interest groups.

The Weekly Standard, February 10, 2014
  • Lee Tea Party SOTU response

    Sen. Mike Lee’s Response to the State of the Union Address

    Sen. Mike Lee offered a lot more new ideas in his Tea Party response than President Obama did in his State of the Union address., January 29, 2014
  • More Pinocchios for the President on Equal Pay

    The President’s favorite statistic on equal pay is becoming less popular with the mainstream media, and rightly so, as it is misleading to the point of being meaningless.

    National Review, January 29, 2014
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    Obama Is Losing the Millennials

    As Millennials struggle to find work to cover their college debt and rising health costs, they are souring on the Obama administration and looking for an alternative to its fixation with Big Government.

    Washington Examiner, January 17, 2014
  • How Big Government Drives Inequality

    Liberals’ determination to consolidate wealth and power in Washington exacerbates the income equality that liberals publicly decry.

    Wall Street Journal, January 16, 2014
  • College_graduate_students[1]

    New School: A Plan for State-Based Accreditation

    Sen. Mike Lee’s proposed legislation would give students access to a broader range of affordable higher education options by granting accreditation authority to the states.

    The Federalist, January 15, 2014
  • Pence state of the state capture 2

    Governor Mike Pence: 2014 State of the State Address

    Gov. Pence talks about Indiana’s success in implementing a conservative reform agenda in such areas as tax policy, higher education, school choice, road construction, and health care., January 14, 2014
  • The Orphaned Middle Class

    Whether it’s health care, higher education, illegal immigration, energy issues, or monetary policy, Washington policymakers are ignoring the middle class.

    Washington Times, December 26, 2013
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    A Conservative Volcker Rule

    Rather than just seeking to restrain Fannie, Freddie, and the Federal Reserve, Republicans should take aim at “Too Big to Fail”—by making banks smaller, simpler, and safer.

    National Review, December 16, 2013
  • Fairfax county job fair

    Back to Work

    Conservatives can help the long-term unemployed—and everyone else—by proposing reforms such as improving transportation networks to make it easier to get to and from work.

    The Weekly Standard, December 16, 2013
  • Obama’s Failed Approach Has Increased Income Inequality

    We’ve already tried five years of President Obama’s approach to dealing with income inequality, and while big companies’ stock prices have gone up, the typical American’s income has gone down.

    National Review, December 5, 2013
  • small town businesses

    Bullying Civil Society

    President Obama is right to sense that a vibrant, free civil society is in tension with consolidated and centralized power and control—as each is enhanced at the inevitable expense of the other.

    National Review, November 29, 2013
  • U.S. Needs to Build a Middle-Skill Work Force

    Conservative reformers should propose to increase access to vocational-technical education and online courses, as cost-effective alternatives to traditional higher education.

    Investor’s Business Daily, November 22, 2013
  • Big government is not the solution to unfairness in our economy—it’s the cause. (AP Photo/Steve C. Wilson)

    Bring Them In

    Sen. Mike Lee calls for a renewed effort in tackling poverty, but with a focus on community-based solutions and bringing people into the economy, rather than increasing their dependence on the government., November 13, 2013
  • Strengthening Families through Tax Reform

    The 2016 GOP presidential candidates should advance smart, pro-growth, pro-family tax-reform plans to fuel prosperity and invest in the country’s future.

    National Review, November 4, 2013