Speaker Boehner Gets It Right on DHS Funding

Rule of Law by from Hot Air, February 15, 2015

We all knew that a fight was coming when the question of funding the Department of Homeland Security came up. The President wants to use that agency for his executive amnesty orders and the majority of the elected legislative representatives of the people did not want such actions to be funded. And not to toot my own horn here, but I made a prediction back on February 4th that the House leadership was going to need to point out some obvious, if painful facts if they hoped to combat the media spin on this. The President’s allies would claim that the GOP was “shutting down DHS” even though the facts were clearly the opposite, and they would hold forth the sad prospect of TSA, border patrol and Coast Guard personnel going without paychecks as the reason. The proper response, I reasoned, was to say the following:

Wages for border patrol and customs agents? Paid for.

Wages for immigration officers and Coast Guard employees? Got it covered.

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