Boehner Is Bringing a Whistle to a Gunfight

Rule of Law by from National Review, June 28, 2014

The most powerful branch of government should not go running to the weakest branch when its powers are usurped by a lawless executive; rather, it should respect doctrines of standing, not try to transform the Court into a resolver of political controversies in the absence of proper cases, and use its own  powers to defend its turf.

You wish you could call the police. But the neighbor who is robbing your house at gunpoint is the police. You are stupefied, so inconceivable does it seem to you that the man sworn to uphold the law could be an outlaw.

Yet, the architects who designed your house not only conceived of that danger, they took precautions. As a result, you not only have your own arsenal of emergency firepower; you’re also in charge of all the ammunition. See, the architects hoped we’d always have good, honorable police, but they didn’t make your life depend on it. They knew the police had to be strong to protect us, but that this very strength could potentially destroy the whole community if the guns and badges ever ended up in corrupt hands. So while hoping for the best, they planned for the worst: The police have to come to you for the bullets if their guns are to be of much use; and you ultimately determine whether they get to keep their badges.

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